Goi cuon – quick, easy, delicious.

Another impromptu post on another summertime favorite – Goi cuon (Vietnamese Summer Rolls, Spring Rolls, Fresh Rolls).  Tasty, fresh, and super easy to make.   The only thing you have to cook are the noodles unless you plan to include grilled veggies – or meat or seafood.   Use this as a guide, feel free to substitute ingredients.   You’ll need: – Rice Paper Sheets  (I buy mine at Midland Market, a local Asian Market) – Bean Thread Noodles or Rice Noodles  (from Midland Market) – Fried Tofu (again, from Midland Market or you can prepare your own)  or meat or Continue Reading →

My Coconut, Walnut, Blueberry Smoothie

  Summer is smoothie time for me and this is my favorite combination.   It’s also a favorite with family and friends.  A new friend just asked for the recipe…thought I’d share with you, too. Regarding the coconut & walnuts, I like those “not so smoothie”, I enjoy chewing on them.   First I blend the fruit and liquids, then I add the coconut flakes and walnuts (or raw almonds) and pulse several times. If you’re new to smoothies, you can substitute with different fruit, juices, nut milks, etc., endless possibilities!   You can also add protein powder  – though Continue Reading →