Happy 87th, Dad

Many at SMART DOGS knew my Father, Jim.  He was an animal lover.  He was generous, kind, helpful, friendly and honest.  He helped with projects and groundskeeping and assisted in training sessions and CGC tests when volunteers were needed.  Dad and with his dog Ellie were also members of our Dog Scouts of America Troop. Simply put, my Father was part of SMART DOGS. A brain tumor and two debilitating strokes forever changed his life and mine.  Symptoms appeared late 2015 and for the last 4 years of his life we were a Team and best friends.  Ensuring he had Continue Reading →

Goi cuon – quick, easy, delicious.

Another impromptu post on another summertime favorite – Goi cuon (Vietnamese Summer Rolls, Spring Rolls, Fresh Rolls).  Tasty, fresh, and super easy to make.   The only thing you have to cook are the noodles unless you plan to include grilled veggies – or meat or seafood.   Use this as a guide, feel free to substitute ingredients.   You’ll need: – Rice Paper Sheets  (I buy mine at Midland Market, a local Asian Market) – Bean Thread Noodles or Rice Noodles  (from Midland Market) – Fried Tofu (again, from Midland Market or you can prepare your own)  or meat or Continue Reading →

My Coconut, Walnut, Blueberry Smoothie

  Summer is smoothie time for me and this is my favorite combination.   It’s also a favorite with family and friends.  A new friend just asked for the recipe…thought I’d share with you, too. Regarding the coconut & walnuts, I like those “not so smoothie”, I enjoy chewing on them.   First I blend the fruit and liquids, then I add the coconut flakes and walnuts (or raw almonds) and pulse several times. If you’re new to smoothies, you can substitute with different fruit, juices, nut milks, etc., endless possibilities!   You can also add protein powder  – though Continue Reading →

Build a Bar Jump from PVC

Material List for 1 Bar Jump  (3′ tall x 4′ wide) *Minus the 4-way connectors and jump cup strips, all material on hand at your area home improvement / hardware store.  PVC pipe, end caps and T’s are in plumbing department;  colored tape in electrical dept.  I use a miter saw to cut my pieces but you can use a handheld pvc cutter, or your pvc source might cut it for you. 2 x 10′ pipes of 1″ pvc (schedule 40) cut as follows:           2 x 33.5″ pieces for the uprights (30″ if using T’s as connectors, see NOTE Continue Reading →

Trek to the Water Bowl

REMINDER – it is a long walk to the water bowl for a dog with arthritis or other mobility issue.  When the dog is lying down, his trek begins with the process of standing up.  Pain, discomfort or fatigue can sometimes cause the dog to forgo the trek.  This can reduce his daily water intake.  Not good. Help your mobility-impaired dog stay hydrated.  Take water to his resting area, offer him a drink.  Position the bowl so he doesn’t have to strain to reach it.  Comfort is key. Water is offered to GingerPeach and Rocky several times a day.  Though Continue Reading →

Too many mind

“Too many mind” is a favorite quote I often share with students.  It’s from “The Last Samurai”, a 2003 movie directed and co-produced by Edward Zwick.   The quote is about mental control, maintaining a mental state free of distraction, it’s about performance, focus, being in the moment.  Being truly and utterly IN the moment. The storyline takes place in 19th century Japan during the Meiji Restoration, details on the movie here.  Captain Nathan Algren (played by Tom Cruise) is taken captive by Samurai and held in their village.  They treat him very well and he is free to walk around Continue Reading →

We’re in Japanese!

SMART DOGS is now in Japanese!  Well, not entirely, but one of my blog posts is now in Japanese. 🙂 When colleague and friend Miki Saito, CPDT-KA, asked to translate “Your Dog is Waiting for You…”, permission was granted with honor and delight.  Having one of my posts translated into another language is exciting in and of itself.  The fact that I’m half-Japanese and have relatives in Japan makes Miki’s translation even more exciting. The Japanese version of “Your Dog is Waiting for You…” is at Miki’s Mark & Reward Dog Training blog. Miki is a Certified Professional Dog Trainer Continue Reading →

Welcome to our blog!

Hello and Welcome to SMART DOGS‘ blog, where Dogs are beloved Friends, Family Members and Teachers! Whether you already know us from SMART DOGS facebook page, our Plumwood Posse youtube channel, taking Classes at SMART DOGS Training Center, or are meeting us for the first time, we hope our blog helps you Think, Learn, and Grow.  We also hope it helps you understand and use positive reinforcement and two-way communication to build strong, healthy relationships. Our blog emphasizes Learning, Behavior and Health – learning about yourself as you learn about your dog, with your dog, and from your dog; understanding Continue Reading →