Agility has arrived!

January 2013 marked the launch of SMART DOGS’ Agility Program!   And launch we did!  8 Agility classes in 7 months: Agility Levels 1 and 2, and Therapeutic Agility* Levels 1 and 2.

SMART DOGS’ students are having a blast learning this sport.  And of course, they Rocked! 🙂  Impressive progress by each Team.  The canine students were a wonderful variety of sizes and breeds which added to the fun!

Agility Classes are now on summer break due to the Arkansas heat & humidity but will resume with our 2013 Fall Session.  Students are eager to get back on course and onto their next level of training, and so am I.  Join us!

In the meantime, enjoy the photo gallery.

Photographer: Mary A. Gilbreth.   Models: Agility Students at SMART DOGS.  

To enjoy more of our Agility pics, see the photo albums at SMART DOGS’ facebook page.

*Therapeutic Agility is one of our Behavior Modification Classes specifically for dogs learning to feel safe & comfortable in new places, new situations, around new things, and in the presence of other dogs and/or people.  I learned of the concept of Therapeutic Agility from colleague Michelle Godlevski CPDT, creator of the Virtual Agility League (VALOR) and owner of Teamworks Dog Training in Youngsville, NC.   SMART DOGS Training Center should soon be a VALOR approved facility.

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