Tasks of Level 1 World Treibball League

Following up to my previous post on the Tasks of Chibi’s Level 2 Title from World Treibball League, this post provides clips to the tasks of Chibi’s Level 1 / GLOBAL GIZMO Title.

Level 1 / GLOBAL GIZMO has 3 Tasks.  There are 4 Balls on the playing field.  Goal / Handler’s Area is 10′ wide.  No food or toys allowed during play.

1 minute per Task.  Senior/Small Dog exemption = 1.5 minutes for Tasks 2 and 3.

TASK 1 Level 1 – With dog off-leash, Team heels around the balls “weaving through, around and by the balls, diagonally, in a circle, back and forth.  All four balls must be passed or circled WITHOUT the dog interacting with them in any way.”  Task 1 has no pushing.


TASK 2 Level 1 –  4 sends (2 counter, 2 clock), each with a 5 second wait, call dog back, no pushing.


TASK 3 Level 1 – 2 sends (1 counter, 1 clock) each with a 5 second wait before pushing.

I hope FOXMESA’S RED CHARM QUARK RN VBS PL2 GGL1 inspires you and your dog to Get Pushy. 🙂  If you live in the Van Buren, AR (USA) area, join us at SMART DOGS for Treibball Class.

Thanks to WTL/Nancy for all the fun!

For full details, see World Treibbal League Titling Levels.



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