Happy 87th, Dad

Many at SMART DOGS knew my Father, Jim.  He was an animal lover.  He was generous, kind, helpful, friendly and honest.  He helped with projects and groundskeeping and assisted in training sessions and CGC tests when volunteers were needed.  Dad and with his dog Ellie were also members of our Dog Scouts of America Troop.

Simply put, my Father was part of SMART DOGS.

A brain tumor and two debilitating strokes forever changed his life and mine.  Symptoms appeared late 2015 and for the last 4 years of his life we were a Team and best friends.  Ensuring he had high quality of life explains my abrupt absence on this blog and other SMART DOGS’ communications and events (website, social media, Scouts, testing, etc.).  

His sudden, unexpected death on Dec 31, 2019 was beyond devastating. 💔


1 year ago today at the National Cemetery FSM his remains were interred with Military Honors. 🇱🇷   How I miss him and my Mother, two extremely special people I am fortunate to have as role models, parents, friends.  How incredibly grateful I am for their endless wisdom, generosity, love and support. 💗  

I feel my Father in many ways here on Plumwood and at SMART DOGS.   The paths leading to the front door of the Training Building, he built those.  The decorative fire hydrant at the dog rest area, he gifted that.  I look in the training field and agility ring and see him mowing, giving me a big smile and wave.  So many memories and evidence of my Father are here making Plumwood and SMART DOGS all the more special.   

Happy 87th Dad / Jim.  Thank you for everything. 🙏💗🐾

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