Why I Train


My training (personal and professional) is based entirely on my desire to build healthy relationships and lifestyles for humans and canines.  How?  By reducing stress and increasing wellness for both ends of the leash.  How?  By building trust and confidence at both ends of the leash.  By eliminating force, pain, fear, aggression, intimidation.  By empowering human and canine with skills for controlling impulse and arousal levels.  By establishing a flow of learning and clear communication between both ends of the leash.  By nourishing body and mind of human and canine.

Cute or Fancy “Tricks”.  Dog Sports.  Those are just some of the many expressions of communication and enjoyment.  Part of the nourishment package.  Those are not the driving force.

Sharing my training and my dogs in videos, photos, this blog, training demonstrations.  Those are for planting seeds, creating ripples, and are a small part of the teaching package.  Those are not the driving force.

Certificates, Titles, Ribbons on the wall.  Those are but one of the many components of the reinforcement package.  Those are not the driving force.

The driving force in my training is the palpable connection I share with each of my dogs.  The joy that greets me when I look in their eyes – beautiful, confident, curious, playful, intelligent eyes.  The ease and clarity of our communication.  The trust and exchange of energy in our interactions.  The pleasure and wonder of sharing the moments of life.   Increasing the depth and love in our connection as we learn and live together.

This is why I train.  This is what I strive to teach others.

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