We’re in Japanese!

SMART DOGS is now in Japanese!  Well, not entirely, but one of my blog posts is now in Japanese. 🙂

When colleague and friend Miki Saito, CPDT-KA, asked to translate “Your Dog is Waiting for You…”, permission was granted with honor and delight.  Having one of my posts translated into another language is exciting in and of itself.  The fact that I’m half-Japanese and have relatives in Japan makes Miki’s translation even more exciting.

The Japanese version of “Your Dog is Waiting for You…” is at Miki’s Mark & Reward Dog Training blog.

Miki is a Certified Professional Dog Trainer (CPDT-KA), and owner of Mark & Reward Dog Training and Education located in Yokohama, Japan.  Though skilled in many areas, Miki’s expertise is training blind dogs, a skill taught to her by her blind Doxie, Nono-chan.


Miki is a thoughtful, creative & compassionate trainer.  I knew this the first time I saw her on youtube several years ago.  We’ve been friends since.

Watch and be inspired by videos of Miki & Nono at their youtube channel.

To read Miki’s excellent tips and ideas for enhancing the lives of blind dogs, visit her Blind Dog Training website and Blind Dog Training blog, both of which have English translations.  Miki’s excellent training, tips and ideas are useful not only for blind and vision-impaired dogs, but for all dogs.

Domo arigato gozaimasu Miki-san!


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